BEARS FAMILY- Geometric Origami Figurines

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Get this adorable set for your entire crew!

The BEARS FAMILY set is an amazing and unique gift for your spouse, friend, or grandma. Whether it's for birthdays, baby showers, Father's/Mother's Day, or any special occasion, this is a wonderful solution. It's also perfect for travelers – an original gift that takes up virtually no space in a handbag. Plus, when you buy 3, you'll get 1 FREE!

The product is sold in a flat state and can be easily folded by the customer without the need for any tools.

Papa Bear: Package size: 215X150X5 mm / 8X7.1X0.2 Inches Flat state size: 206X138 mm / 7.9X5.3X0.05 Inches Folded bear size: 161X84X31 mm/ 6.3X1.2X3.3 Inches

Mama Bear: Package size: 190X150X5 mm / 7.2X7.1X0.2 Inches Flat state size: 119X177X1.5 mm / 6.9X4.6X0.05 Inches Folded bear size: 137X73X27 mm / 5.4X1.1X2.9 Inches

Baby Bear: Package size: 110X80X3 mm / 4.3X 3.2X0.1 Inches. Flat state size: 99X66X1.5 mm / 3.9X2.6X0.05 Inches Folded bear size: 74X40X16 mm / 2.9X0.6X1.6 Inches 

Material: hand-brushed aluminum.

For indoor use only.

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