PAPA BEAR - Geometric Figurine


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"Papa Bear- An awesome guy! A warm, cuddly, and usually hairy boyfriend, husband." - Urban Dictionary.

"Bear PAPA" is a part of "The Bears" family. Amazing and unusual gift for a husband, friend, or grandpa. For birthdays, Father's days, or any special occasion.

The figurine is sold in a flat state that can be easily folded by the customer. No tools are necessary for folding. A very simple two-fold turns the metal sheet into an elegant, geometric shelf decor. 

Package size: 215X150X5 mm / 8X7.1X0.2 Inches

Flat state size: 206X138 mm / 7.9X5.3X0.05 Inches

Folded bear size: 161X84X31 mm/ 6.3X1.2X3.3 Inches

Material: hand-brushed aluminium.

For indoor use only.


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