These adorable geometric Mummy and Me metal-origami bears make a delightful and modern Mother's Day gift. They are also an ideal gift for new mums and grandmoms celebrating their first Mother's Day or as a token of appreciation for that special person in your life who is like a second mum to you.

Crafted from hand-brushed aluminum, these figurines will serve as meaningful desktop or shelf decor.

These DIY figurines arrive flat and can be easily folded into their intended designs by you, resulting in an interactive and aesthetically pleasing work of art. No tools are necessary.

Mama Bear and Baby Bear can be ordered individually or as a set

Mama Bear: Package size: 190X150X5 mm / 7.2X7.1X0.2 Inches Flat state size: 119X177X1.5 mm / 6.9X4.6X0.05 Inches Folded bear size: 137X73X27 mm / 5.4X1.1X2.9 Inches

Baby Bear: Package size: 110X80X3 mm / 4.3X 3.2X0.1 Inches. Flat state size: 99X66X1.5 mm / 3.9X2.6X0.05 Inches Folded bear size: 74X40X16 mm / 2.9X0.6X1.6 Inches 

Material: hand-brushed aluminium.


For indoor use only.

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