KARL - Metal Origami Urban Candle Holder


4 simple folds turn the metal sheet to an elegant urban style candle holder. Home styling addition to living room or a dining table.

Wonderful solution for travelers: an original gift that takes up virtually no space in a hand bag.

The candle holder  accommodates for standard tealight candle.

The product is sold in a flat state that will be folded by the customer. No tools are necessary for folding.

Package size: 383X71X5 mm /15X2.7X0.2 Inches

Flat state size: 373X61X1 mm / 14.6X2.4X0.04 Inches

Folded candleholder size: 104X63X61 mm / 2.5X2.4X4.2 Inches.

Material: brushed stainless steel with handmade finish (All Wallabies are hand-finished. Therefore, minute finishing differences between products may occur.)

Wax removing: hold the candle holder over the sink and pour boiling water on it until the wax totally disappears.

Cleaning: Clean the product with a regular dish soap or a window cleaner (blue spray). In case of heavy dirt, use a quality stainless steel cleaner.  Check the new cleaner on a small, hidden place.

After every cleaning, dry the product with soft clean towel. Moisture can cause rust!

For indoor use only.