BEAR - Contemporary Metal Figurine



This contemporary metal bear sculpture serves as a delightful decorative piece and is an ideal complement to any bear enthusiast's collection. Manufactured from premium aluminum alloy, it boasts a lightweight and elegant design, making it a versatile choice for elevating the aesthetics of both home and office environments.

This sculpture is available in a flat state and will require assembly by the purchaser. No specialized tools are necessary for shaping the bear's body, though pliers may be handy for adjusting the bear's ears.


Package size: 19X15X5X0.55 cm cm / 7.5X6.2X0.2 Inches

Flat state size: 19.5X14.5X0.1 cm / 7.2X5.9X0.06 Inches

Folded BEAR size: 14X5X8 cm/ 5.6X2.1X3.2 Inches

Material: hand-brushed aluminum.

For indoor use only.

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