KLARA - Sabbat Candle holders

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Pair of geometric Sabbath candlesticks designed in modern style.

These origami candle holders are sold in a flat state that will be folded by the user. No tools are necessary for folding. Accommodates for standard tealight candles.

This pair of candle holders is a perfect housewarming gift that will add a trendy urban look to your Sabbath table.

Material: brushed aluminum with a handmade finish.

Wax removal: Hold the candle holder over the sink and pour boiling water on it until the wax totally disappears.

Cleaning: Clean the product with a regular dish soap or a window cleaner (blue spray). In case of heavy dirt, use a quality aluminum cleaner.  Check the new cleaner in a small, hidden place.

After every cleaning, dry the product with a soft clean towel. Moisture can cause rust!

For indoor use only.

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