HAMSUSH - hamsa hand shelf décor | Hand of Fatima | Accent Piece


Hamsa - a protective symbol that brings luck, health, happiness, and good fortune while warding off evil and negative feelings.

Contemporary Judaica art, perfect for decorating your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office shelves. A meaningful and stylish housewarming gift.

This unique item is sold flat and can be easily folded by the customer. No tools are necessary for folding. A simple one-fold turns the metal sheet into an elegant, geometric shelf decoration. No installation is required. Just place the hamsa on the shelf and enjoy.

Perfect as a gift for foreign guests or as an Israeli souvenir to take abroad, this original local item occupies minimal space in a handbag.

Made in Israel

Package size: 190X115X3 mm / 7.4X4.4X0.1 Inches
Flat state size: 180X106X1.5 mm / 7.2X4.2X0.05 Inches
Folded Hamsa size: 150X106X105 mm / 5.9X4.2X4.15 Inches

For indoor use only