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Whether you're an Elephant lover or simply appreciate the grace and majesty of these magnificent creatures, this set of sculptures is sure to capture your heart. They symbolize luck, wisdom, and strength, making them an ideal gift for special occasions or a thoughtful gesture to express your admiration for someone dear to you.

Crafted from hand-brushed aluminum, these figurines will serve as meaningful desktop or shelf decor.

These metal origami figurines arrive flat and can be easily folded into their intended designs by you, resulting in an interactive and aesthetically pleasing work of art. No tools are necessary.

    Little Elephant Figurine:

    Package size: 163X150X5 mm / 6.4X 8.2X5.9 Inches

    Flat state size: 153X140X1 mm / 6X 5.5X0.05 Inches

    Folded elephant size: 120X60X70 mm / 4.8X 2.5X3.7 Inches

    Big Elephant Figurine:

    Package size: 225X210X5 mm / 8.7X 8.2X0.2 Inches

    Flat state size: 213X197X1.5 mm / 8.4X 7.7X0.06 Inches

    Folded elephant size: 150X85X110 mm / 5.9X 3.5X4.6 Inches

    Material: brushed aluminum with handmade finish (All Wallabies are hand-finished. Therefore, minute finishing differences between products may occur.)

    For indoor use only

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