KARL & KLARA - Metal Contemporary Tea Light Holders

Introducing KARL & KLARA - modern DIY candle holders, designed for satisfying and effortless assembly. These sleek candle holders are delivered in a convenient flat state, and with just four simple folds made by hand, you can transform the metal sheet into a sophisticated, urban-inspired candle holder – no tools required!

Elevate the ambiance of your living room or dining table with these stunning pieces. This set includes two different sizes, perfectly accommodating standard tealight candles for a fashionable touch to any setting.

Perfect as a gift for foreign guests or as an Israeli souvenir to take abroad, this original local item occupies minimal space in a handbag.

Material: brushed stainless steel with a handmade finish.

KARL (big) Candle holder: Package size: 383X71X5 mm /15X2.7X0.2 Inches Flat state size: 373X61X1 mm / 14.6X2.4X0.04 Inches Folded candleholder size: 104X63X61 mm / 2.5X2.4X4.2 Inches.

KLARA (small) Candle holder: Package size: 302X71X5 mm / 11.8X 2.7X0.2 Inches. Flat state size: 292X61X1 mm / 11.4X2.4X0.4 Inches. Folded candleholder size: 65X63X61 mm / 2.5X2.4"X2.6 Inches. 

Wax removal: Hold the candle holder over the sink and pour boiling water on it until the wax totally disappears.

For indoor use only